Welcome to the Calendaring and Scheduling Developer’s Guide wiki.

This wiki is a community driven resource for calendaring and scheduling product developers, with the goal of providing tips, in depth guides, code examples, and background on internet calendaring and scheduling technologies.

The primary audience for this document is developers at all levels - from hobbyists, to web sites embedding calendaring data, to full-blown calendaring and scheduling systems, to complex systems wishing to embed a calendaring platform.

The wiki is available for anyone to access. Updates, additions, and corrections are handled by an editorial team at CalConnect. Details on how to contribute to this wiki are described here and below.

The Table of Contents shows an outline of the various topics that have been identified as key items of interest to the community. Some of these items already have content available, with the others expected to be filled by contributions from the community.

The guide is currently structured as follows. It contains sections introducing iCalendar and vCard, which are standards for describing the data model of appointments and tasks (iCalendar) and contacts (vCard). For both data representation standards, there exists a corresponding protocol for manipulating data over HTTP. This is CalDAV in the case of iCalendar, and CardDAV in the case of vCard.

Table of Contents

How to Contribute


This site is maintained by people involved in the development of calendaring and scheduling standards and/or implementations. Although the content contributors are employed by a range of commercial and non-profit organizations, this site does not represent the views or opinions of those organizations.

Please note that the authors of this site have not made any attempt to confirm support for any of the implementations, products or services listed on this site.

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