How to Contribute to this Document

This site has been made with Jekyll, a Git based content to html converter. The markup language used is Markdown. only serves the Wiki content, without any option to edit it. The sources of this Wiki are available at All changes at GitHub will be pushed to on a regular base. At present this is a manual process which is done at least on a biweekly base during/after the TC DEVGUIDE calls at CalConnect, so it might take some time.

Ways to contribute

Send an email

The editorial team is monitoring the public CalConnect calendar developer’s list so please send comments, corrections, etc to that list.

Raise an issue on GitHub

The sources of this Wiki are available on GitHub at DEVGUIDE.

Send a pull request

Contributors who are familiar with Markdown and Git may also send a pull request.

Note that this Wiki uses custom templates and css that are not available on GitHub, which means that the presentation on GitHub will be different from the presentation on

Running locally

To check changes made to your local copy you can install and run jekyll.


Mixture between brew usage and rails (gem install)

  1. install plantuml for your local machine e.g. using ‘brew install plantuml’
  2. install jekyll from for your local machine e.g ‘gem install bundler jekyll’
  3. Install jekyll-plantuml using ‘gem install jekyll-plantuml’
  4. Checkout DEVGUIDE from Github (
  5. Run local copy with ‘jekyll serve’ within the GIT directory and check content as shown in terminal window

Editorial conventions

To give the Wiki a consistent appearance, please follow the rules below:

  • Use the blockquote character > when adding quotes from an RFC.
  • Always add references to the original RFC. Link the html version of the RFC at
  • Add deep links using anchors if possible (i.e. like
  • Github Flavored Markdown supports XML comments, i.e. <!-- a comment is not visible in the rendered page -->. These can be useful to invisibly annotate content of the wiki.
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