CardDAV client implementations


CalConnect only provides a list of known implementations of CardDAV clients. Any questions regarding installation instructions, configuration or usage need to be provided by the vendor and please visit the product web site to access them.

supported development


Open source/Linux

The Akonadi framework is responsible for providing applications with a centralized database to store, index and retrieve the user’s personal information in KDE. It supports CardDAV.

Apple Contacts: macOS

CardDAV added: macOS 10.6, iOS 4

Client for macOS that supports CardDAV. Also provides CardDAV-based auto-complete to other apps via built-in APIs.

Apple Contacts: iOS

Included with iOS 4

Client for iOS that supports CardDAV.



ASynK is a flexible Contacts synchronization program that works with a variety of Contacts software such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange Server, Google Contacts, Any standards compiant CardDAV server, and Emacs BBDB.

Atmail Address Book

**Included with Atmail 6 Product **

PHP/Zend Email Server with jQuery browser based WebClient Supports CardDAV to list, view, edit contacts directly on the server. Server contacts and CalDAV calendar syncing with ActiveSync to iOS and downloadable Outlook Add-in. Free Trial Available.

Bynari WebDAV Collaborator

Commercial/Outlook plug-in

The WebDAV Collaborator is a powerful plug-in for synchronizing your CalDAV calendar and/or CardDAV contact data to Outlook.


Android sync adapter

CardDAV-Sync is a sync adapter for Android devices that synchronizes contacts via CardDAV. See Android Market for ratings. Available in free and purchased editions


Open Source CardDAV client

Desktop open source client (Javascript+jQuery) for CardDAV.


Android sync adapter

ContactSync is an Android app which syncs your Android contacts with FTP, HTTP, WebDAV, CardDAV servers and plain vCard files. It also provides a lot of additional features.


Commercial Cloud-based Contact Manager with CardDAV support

Contactzilla is a commercial cloud-based contact manager which supports CardDAV.


Android/Open Source/Commercial

DAVx⁵ (formerly DAVdroid) is a professional open-source synchronization adapter that combines CalDAV and CardDAV into one Android 4+ app. It offers two-way sync, integrates seamlessly into the device and is aimed at easy setup and simplicity.

eM Client with Calendar


Desktop client for Windows (.NET) supports CardDAV.

EVO Collaborator for Outlook (ECO)


EVO Collaborator for Outlook (ECO) enables users to take advantage of CardDAV for Contacts and CalDAV for Calendars and Tasks. Synchronization of both Contacts, Calendars and Tasks occurs whenever changes are made. By supporting iCloud, Gmail, fruux, Yahoo! (read-only) and AOL (read-only), users easily import what they have on cloud. Yet, C2C (Cloud to Cloud) feature facilitates duplicating your contacts and calendars from one place to another; O2C (Outlook to Cloud) feature gives you an option saving your data elsewhere on the Cloud.


E-mail program/Linux

Evolution is an e-mail program which supports CardDAV.


Commercial Outlook CalDAV/CardDAV Sync

gSyncit V4.2 offers CalDAV calendar/task sync and CardDAV sync for Outlook, in addition to a number of other features.


Open Source CalDAV/CardDAV web client

InfCloud is an open source CalDAV/CardDAV web client (integrated version of CalDavZAP and CardDavMATE).


Client and Server

OwnCloud is a web client and a server supporting CardDAV.

PHP CardDAV-Client

Open Source CardDAV client

PHP CardDAV Client.

Roundcube CardDAV-Plugin

Open Source CardDAV plug-in

Open source CardDAV plug-in for Roundcube Webmail.

SOGO Connector

Free/Thunderbird Plugin

Plugin for Thunderbird address books which allows CardDAV subscriptions.

SurGATE Outlook Sync Client

Commercial Outlook/CalDAV and CardDAV Sync

SurGATE Outlook Sync Client provides two-way calendar and contacts sync between Outlook and CalDAV/CardDAV Servers.

Sync2Cloud Contacts Sync

Android Sync Adapter

An Android app that is more powerful than a simple sync adaptor: it allows linking any local device contacts account (including 3rd-party accounts) with any CardDAV address book.

unsupported development


Open Source/Cross-platform

Desktop client that supports CardDAV.

Not supported since 2005


Python CardDAV client and library

pyCardDAV is a CLI CardDAV client (for use with mutt etc.) and also contains a reusable CardDAV module.

Not supported since 2014

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